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A rare use case for em units
text-decoration-offset is a good use case for em units. Most of the time we favor rems over ems, but in this case we want the text underline offset to proportionally scale with the `font-size` property. Here’s a quick demo: See the Pen Text decoration offset by Brad Frost (@bradfrost) o
Supper Mario Broth
The China-exclusive Nvidia Shield TV release of Super Mario Galaxy contains a unique anti-piracy measure whereby a copy that detects that it is unauthorized will still be playable, but will interpret…
Zoom CEO envisions AI deepfakes attending meetings in your place
I talked to Benj Edwards for this article about Zoom’s terrible science-fiction concept to have “digital twins” attend meetings in your behalf: > When we specifically asked Simon Willison about …
Supper Mario Broth
In Mario Superstar Baseball, most likely due to an oversight, the internal size value used for in-game calculations for the Red Toad team member is set to be ca. 30% smaller than the other Toads,…
My Twitter thread figuring out the AI features in Microsoft’s Recall
I posed this question on Twitter about why Microsoft Recall ([previously](https://simonwillison.net/2024/Jun/1/stealing-everything-youve-ever-typed/)) is being described as “AI”: > Is it just that the OCR uses a machine learning model, or are …
Maybe Don’t Name That Landmark
TL;DR: You probably don’t need to name that landmark. The Ngong Ping Village tourist trap on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. All the pricey tourist spots have visible named landmarks on the map, but the ones people generally care about (bathrooms, food, that lovely tea house) are not. The accompanying tactile…
Crafty Pokémon Fan Redesigns Alola Starters As Paper Mario Characters
TimDrawsStuff has set out on a mission to recreate Pokémon Starters as Paper Mario Characters. Check out these epic artistic recreations here!
VHS Tape Poster Collection by Xavier Esclusa Trias | Inspiration Grid
Barcelona-based art director and designer Xavier Esclusa Trias created this awesome poster collection inspired by the timeless designs of vintage VHS tapes.