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A quote from Zac Bowden
In fact, Microsoft goes so far as to promise that it cannot see the data collected by Windows Recall, that it can’t train any of its AI models on your …
GitHub - bishopdynamics/superbird-debian-kiosk: # Debian Chromium Kiosk on Spotify Car Thing (superbird)
# Debian Chromium Kiosk on Spotify Car Thing (superbird) - bishopdynamics/superbird-debian-kiosk
The Cascade
A website about the past, present, and future of CSS.
noyb urges 11 DPAs to immediately stop Meta’s abuse of personal data for AI
noyb urges DPAs in 11 countries to immediately stop Meta’s use of personal data for undefined “AI technology”
Mozilla Welcomes Anonym: Privacy Preserving Digital Advertising | The Mozilla Blog
Mozilla has acquired Anonym, a trailblazer in privacy-preserving digital advertising. This strategic acquisition enables Mozilla to help raise the bar for
Free – Fold Up Toys
Users ‘Jailbreak’ AI Video Generator to Make Porn
Luma Labs’ Dream Machine, an AI video generator that’s on the market before OpenAI’s Sora, can be tricked to generate explicit videos.
Game Studio’s Job Requirement: ‘Non Negotiable’ Nude Sauna Sessions
“It is not about getting naked. It’s about experiencing different kind of sauna,” LinkedIn’s new ‘saunaman’ wrote.
Reisekontrollen: Weiterer Anstieg bei der Fluggastdatenspeicherung
Mehr als 453 Millionen Datensätze von über 125 Millionen Passagieren wurden 2023 vom Bundeskriminalamt analysiert. Damit sollen organisierte Kriminelle und Terrorist*innen aufgespürt werden. Doch während die Zahl der erfassten Datensätze stieg, sank die Zahl der Treffer. Und eine Gruppe von Flugzeugnutzer*innen wird überhaupt nicht registriert.
Mozilla is an advertising company now
This seems completely normal and cool and not troublesome in any way. Mozilla has acquired Anonym, a [blah blah blah] raise the bar for the advertising industry [blah blah blah] while delivering effective advertising solutions. [...] Anonym was founded with two core beliefs: [blah blah blah] and second, that digital advertising is critical for the sustainability of free content, services and…
Fefes Blog
Ex-OpenAI-Chefwissenschaftler: Ilya Sutskever gründet AI-Startup für sichere Super­intelligenz
Ilya Sutskever gründet ein AI-Startup, das eine sichere Superintelligenz entwickeln soll. Die Mission ist eine Breitseite gegen OpenAI.
Inhalte- und Fotoanalyse: Verbraucherzentrale mahnt Meta wegen KI-Training ab
Die Verbraucherzentrale NRW hat Meta für das ab Ende Juni geplante KI-Training und die Fotoanalyse abgemahnt.
How To Emulate Retro Games On Your Apple Watch
You can now emulate retro games on your Apple Watch so we have put together a easy and comprehensive guide on how to do so.
Local, first, forever
We explore how to build local-first sync on top of simple file storage
CSS Functions and Mixins Module
Polyfill supply chain attack hits 100K+ sites
Short version: if you are loading assets from the `cdn.polyfill.io` domain you need to remove that right now: the new owners of the domain (as of a few months ago) …