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Booting sequence initiated

After thinking about it for quiet some time I decided that now the time has come again to start a blog. The reason for it is quiet simple: I need a way for me to save my notes and thoughts about things I learn and which interest me so I can easily reference back to them from time to time.

Until now I had a mixture of bookmarks and notes in either some app or in my beloved travelers notebook, but these never satisfied my needs if I had learned something (like how a specific piece of software works for example) and after some time I needed to look up some detail about it again. Often I ended up doing the same research work again which is not only time consuming, but can also hurt motivation.

I have the hope that with putting my personal notes and thoughts into the form of written blog posts, they not only will be easier to reference back later on, but also help me remembering all that stuff better. And maybe someone else, like you reading this post right now, might benefit from one of these posts. :)

Booting sequence complete.